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The other day I went to Cambridge to have a wander around some art galleries. I went to Kettles Yard but unfortunately they were closed so I took a stroll to the smaller galleries and found some great work that is close to my work.

The first place I went to was Artique Gallery where I found work by Mia Cameron. The painting they had exhibited, included real sand and stones which gives this painting depth. It is not an abstract painting like mine but it is interesting to find other artists who incorporate nature into their work and how they do this.

Shallow Paddle III
by Mia Cameron
Image and ifnormation taken from: http://www.artiquegalleries.com/originals/Mia+Cameron/cType/ORIGINALS/id/1156__1156/artists-originals.asp

The next artist who I found was June Croll, an artist who specialises in textiles and cyanotypes. I found a couple of her cyanotypes (unfortunately can’t remember the gallery name and have no images). It was interesting how she used it to create an image, like a drawing or painting. I have only really seen cyanotypes used to create a print of an object but the cyanotypes I saw of hers, she had used this technique to create landscapes.