BA(hons) Fine Art. I have enjoyed my course in NEWI. when I started I thought Fine Artists only painted oil paintings. I was under the impression I would leave a better painter, I was wrong. I have not painted in a long time.

I have become an installation artist and have complete realised want art is about….


Went into College yesterday to get my results, before I tell you want I got I just what to write all about how I felt all week and to explain why……

I come from a family that is working class and proud of it. I was the first in the family to go away to college in the eighties, my mum and dad were very proud of me then, but my dad did not understand why I wanted to go to college because when I get married I would be a housewife.. remember this was the Eighties. When I did get married it was someone from my village in Wales and he had come from a well educated family, so when I did have my children 15 years ago I did give up my work to look after them but it was my choose and I know I made the right choose, I love every moment watching my children grow and develop.

Anyway Three years ago I decided to go back to college and train to become an Art Teacher putting to two things I love together Art and Children.

This is were my journey started, I found myself doing this course (which is corny) but I did, I grow as a person. I had a few up and downs like every student, but at the end of my first year, I became ill and went into hospital for quite a big op this ment I missed a few months of my second year. But thankfully I caught up and pass my second Year.

So this week I found hard all my feeling and emotion were playing over time. Did I care what mark I get? How can all this personnal development come down to one MARK? I stood outside college yesterday morning feeling sick, trying to decide do I what to know, does it matter what grade I got, as I feel you cannot put a grade on all what I have been through, how much I have learnt and friends I have made.

A friend seen me outside and made me go in, I was glad I went in I got a 2-1 which I am over the moon with.. but in my heart I know my grade for personnal growth is a 1st…..

I have decided to stay on in college to my MA, so I will not only be the first in my mum and Dad's family to have a BA but an MA.. When I told my parents my grade they ask if it was good.. See even when you are mature student parents are just BRILL.

Thank You A-N I have enjoyed writing my Blog. Good Luck to next years Degree Students….


The PV went well, not as many people there than I thought would be. Mostly students and tutors.

The show liked great thou, I need to go and photo all the work. Then I can post the images of all the other work..

I have been ask to give a talk on Monday about my work, so I need to be thinking about that tomorrow.. Taking my husband out tomorrow for Father's Day, we have not done much as are family for a few months so that will be great.. Not that my Children care they would rather be with their friends.


I have been very busy doing my installation of the Oriel Wrexham all week. I am happy with the results. I changed the threads to a thicker yarn, which works better the this space.The shadows are so much better in this gallery too. There is lots of spot-light around.

I had so much trouble with mounting the photographys I do wish I had the money to get them done professionally, the tutors never said anything so they must be okay….

Would like to develop the idea of using colour thread, that may change or give a different illusion like Bridget Riley paintings. This will be my next project.

In college last night we had are gallery evening, which went really well, the college as never done that before, so it should be even better next year….

Tomorrow the Private Veiw of the Oriel Wrexham Degree Show and it runs until 19th July… Hope it gets good reveiws. I am ready of a break now…..


Went into college today, for a meeting about about an exhibition in the Oriel Wrexham.

I have been selected to exhibted in the Degree Show there. which is a great honor. I have got a lot to work to do over the weekend, It going to great for me as it is my own town, last time I had work up in this gallery is when I was in the secondary school… I had some of my GCSE artwork displayed…

I went to the gallery to see my space. It is quite a big area. I cannot wait to get going now….. I have to write an artist statement again, I find doing the threoy side difficult and my Roger's away, so this means I have got no help….. but I can e-mail it to him,


Well it is all over, the private veiw went very well, I was happy with my end results. I spent Friday re-doing the installtion outside, which come together, after all my worry.

We have one more night the Gallery Night, which the college as not done before, so we have to wait and see what happens..

I have found it different to take good enough photographes, so you can see all threads etc.

It was great to see lots of my friends coming to see my work, friends I have been to busy to keep up with.

spent most of today in bed, to much to drink ( I do not drink) and not enough sleep, I am going to miss all the younger students, they are nearly all going back home…

Good Luck to everyone who are GRADUATING……..