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My degree show is up! I have yet to take some ‘proper’ photos of my work as the room is still a work in progress so I have some snapshots for now – a sneak preview for the actual show.

It took months of preparation, days of printing, hours of measuring but now the boards are hung and they look fantastic! I couldn’t be happier with the way they look and how they’ve turned out. The idea of the shadows being created by the boards sitting just off the wall worked much better than I thought it would and luckily through a quick change of placement on the wall I also have the boards mirroring the windows above (one of the ideas behind the grid was to represent an old fashioned window like panes of glass).

I’m exhausted from working on the show for the last 2 weeks so this is just a quick post but there shall be more details and better photos coming next week, along with a short video of the installation.


This week has been the start of the dismantle for the degree show. It’s so strange to think that we’ll be putting our work up in just a few days and then that’s it, no more uni, no more art school, no more assessment just making art for own purposes.

There’s no photos for this part because quite frankly everyone knows what a white wall looks like, and really that’s all that I’ve been doing, painting walls white. Along with sanding them and repainting them with more white paint. I don’t think any of us have ever been so precious over a piece of wall but we’ve all become very particular about how others are helping to paint them – the younger years all think we’ve gone mad I’m sure.

I’ve also been printing my multiple for sale at the degree show. I have created a small edition of 12 screen prints, ‘Sealed with a kiss’ which directly relate back to my degree show piece whilst being slightly more subtle and an affordable piece that people could display in their home. They originated from a small watercolour painting that I did and then have been screen printed using cmyk 4 colour process printing onto cream envelopes.

I still have to do another print for the international print portfolio so I think I will be doing another variation on this theme. The use of abstracted body parts has worked very well and have been received by others very well. The theme this year is 12″ taken from the idea of the old records so I’m not entirely sure how I’ll merge the 2 ideas but I’m sure I can come up with something. For now though it’s back to painting the floor and measuring up the walls ready to hang the show.


I will be showing my screen printed work at the NUCA Fine Art Degree Show this summer.

Please join me in celebrating my graduation with this final show at Norwich University College of the Arts!

The show is on from 27th June to 3rd July 2012 10am – 4pm daily (closed Sunday) at Norwich University College of the Arts, St George’s Street, Norwich, NR2 4SN

My work will be in the St George’s street building, it is the old red brick building where you will find the information desk in the foyer. My prints will be on the top floor in the room at the far end of the corridor.

I will also be selling a limited edition screen print which will be on display in the glass cases in the foyer, these prints are available for sale at very affordable prices from the NUCA Gallery just opposite.

Find out more about my work & have a look at my gallery of images on my

You can also follow my run up to the degree show on my art blog to see the behind the scenes of making and installing the work http://

“I am a Fine Art student at Norwich University College of the Arts, specialising in Printmaking. My work has been very influenced by fashion photography and illustration, recently focusing on identity within art and culture and more specifically the representation of women in art and culture. I produce work which shows an intimacy often hidden, inviting the viewer into the privacy of the lives of others, beyond the boundaries of which are normally set at a distance.

I fell in love with printmaking the moment I stepped into the workshop; the sound of mixing ink, scraping of squeegees, hum of the vacuums, the buzz of the workshop. I haven’t stopped since.

I address issues of women in society, the cliché representations and stereotypes. Pushing the boundaries and confronting the audience with imagery that challenges their acceptance in society, by displaying them in a public space, available to a different audience to that which the original sources were intended.

I work using a variety of media, namely silk-screen printing, drawing, photography and text. As an avid printmaker I regularly experiment with different medias and techniques.

I am also available for commissioned screen printing work at very reasonable costs.”

Taking iniative from the a-n article on promoting your own degree show ( )

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I have one of my screen printed art works on the back cover of the a-n degrees publication this month!




It’s hard to see detail on this flip book version so head over to my website to get a closer look and see some of my other work too!