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I started university full of ideas about what I wanted to explore in my creative practise.

I didn’t have preconceived ideas about exactly how I was going to execute my ideas and now I have too many to comprehend.

The facilities available are more than I could have hoped for and some, I didn’t even know existed.

To a certain degree, I am still working within a comfort zone, using techniques which I am familiar with; painting, inking and bleaching photographs and using these to inform paintings.

The subject matter of the images has taken me away from this comfort zone, as I am starting to use images of my own experiences of childbirth and parental experiences.

I am currently building a portfolio of small scale paintings surrounding the theme of parenthood, however, I now have to consider limiting the topics I wish to cover in my MA.

I wish to continue to use personal photographs, which I will reproduce in a variety of ways, to create work about child birth and death.