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It wasn’t on my a-n project proposal, in fact it’s out of the blue, but the current editor of Printmaking Today, Leonie Bradley invites me to speak at Cork Printmakers‘ symposium about the periodical from a reader’s perspective.

The symposium – First Edition – is an international event. It will explore print on concrete, ceramic, glass; print incorporated into installations; print at the very forefront of contemporary visual arts practice. In addition to panel discussions on subjects such as ‘materiality’ and the concept of an ‘expanded practice’ there are eight exhibitions to visit. And I love Cork, having spent a term there on the ERASMUS exchange back in the 80’s.

First Edition proves pivotal for me. I think it’s the sheer ambition of artists like Ton Martens (Over, Over & Over), Leslie Mutchler and Jason Urban (Babel Unbound). The speakers are inspirational too, and seem to know exactly what I need to hear about.

I find myself sitting next to Carl Rowe, the Fine Art Course Leader at Norwich University of the Arts. I’ve recently reviewed Artist Boss – a book written by two of his colleagues, Jenny Dunseath and Dr Mark Wilsher. (Good book about Caro, workshop assistants, authorship, making – get it. The resources pages on the accompanying website also come recommended.) We discover this connection when I ask if he knows of anyone organising crits for artists post-MA. (A theme in my life at the moment.) It turns out Wilsher and his wife (Rosie) have recently published a succinct starting point for discussion groups. Better still, on the pamphlet it says ‘copy, distribute’. So here it is.

Dr Andrew Folan’s influence on contemporary printmaking is everywhere and he presents his own work for discussion. He’s usually found at NCAD Dublin.

Magda Stawarska-Beavan (Research Associate, University of Central Lancashire) gives a talk on the last day about funding available from Creative Europe.

Much to think about on the plane home.

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