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//I think POC artists finding support, mentorship and care within the arts is fucking vital for sustainable practice.//

Finding pots of money that can be used for mentorship, coaching, counselling, therapy is vital for POC artists. It is necessary. continual unpacking needs to occur to stunt burn out/breakdown.

i realise more violently as time goes on that the work i put out is not under the same air as my white peers, that air is a different condition, a different context that produces




this weight, many marginalised artists talk about this weight. often, together and alone we sit with the exhausting weight of expected excellence from us to us, to provide consumable and tasty education and growth for them, to be representative of the whole diaspora with nuance and variation and of course be radical in the acceleration of WOC practice.


thats a lot and then i think, quite depressingly…


i can’t carry others if i can’t carry myself?