Chris Barham, with my assistance, is creating an interactive installation.

Our interest lies within the terrain of self-generated audience participation.

Can an artwork or environment present a situation in which the viewer feels safe enough, or enticed enough to engage in the process, without actual instructions within the work?

Please let us know your thoughts and experiences regarding the subject. We are open for all ideas and criticism.


and here we are.. the last day of the project has arrived… when all elements come together, that’s when we have to dispose of the installation:(

There were many interesting successes and even more useful failures throughout the process of building the environment. All this newly acquired knowledge will serve us in the presentation of the Chocolate Museum of which I will keep all posted on a new blog.

To finish up the magnificent journey that we have taken through November, I’ll post some images that some up the final outcome.

Many thanks to Artsite and the Postmodern Gallery for giving us the opportunity and the space to work in and for the National Lottery Fund for the financial support and off course all of our precious audiences whom helped in the formation of the environment.:)


As time of the residency passes the date of the final exhibition comes closer. This triggers the last minute hyper work forces.Which in term lets the installation follow its own pat while integrating with the upcoming work and us working on different elements inside it.

As we both work towards the presentation of Chocolate Museum the environment overtakes the project and more and more people engage and interact with various elements.

The question still stands though… How much prompting does the viewer needs to realize the possibility of engagement or to feel comfortable enough to join in.

Here’s the promised video… sorry for the delay :)

Please let us know if you have any comments , ideas etc

Chris Braham: The Ramp of Unfavourable Probability


It has been great to see the process behind an artwork gaining a life of its own through ChrisProcess as Performance project. The space acquired a feel of a journey through the mind of the artist…

It is like a three dimensional sketchbook with many playful entries. decisions and slight distractions included.

As The Ramp of Unfavourable Probability proves ; all is part of art, every thought , action and experience will find its way into the work.

Both of us added bits of information to the overall outcome as our collaboration will be part of the Chocolate Museum ( the exhibition that will follow the open-creation (i.e. Process as Performance..) during December.

Here some images of the evolution of the work. please let us know if there are any thoughts , ideas that could be beneficial to us.

thank you


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