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Relationships with artist/business to audience is the main aspect to growing the interest in your account. Better relationships, better interactions e.g. likes, comments, shares. This will invite new audiences to your account.


“profile searches are a signal Instagram looks at when ranking posts in your feed” (Lua, 2017) – the more you post/interact the more people will search/look for you and your account.


Instagram prioritises those who you favour/favour you – its impacted by feed/interaction/relationship with viewers and Instagram owner. Becomes a competition to other accounts.


Then effects how much your account will be shown/seen to the audience.

  • The more you post = the better.
  • Time of day based on when the audience are active. See below, my account says 6pm is when my followers are most likely to see my posts.

“The predictive ‘best time to post’ feature in Buffer’s analytics is a game-changer,” (Lua, 2017)

  • Tidy feed – attracts viewers, 3 posts a day that flow, creates order to your account see my pet portrait business below – I have started to introduce into my art account e.g drawings, different angles, behind the scenes, exploration.

Ella Lockwood Instagram


Too many hashtags can be “annoying” (Newberry, 2020) and ruin your business’ Instagram – “11 hashtags is a good number to start with” (Newberry, 2020). Niche hashtags work better than popular ones.


Once an artist is well known – Cindy Sherman – there’s no need to use hashtags to create an audience as she already has one/minimal text – doesn’t give much to the audience.

Cindy Sherman Instagram

Tate – they use them wisely, only use one or two words when they want extra promotion to a specific moment in time/work. See below.

Tate Instagram scrolling film


I have begun to include # throughout in the text of my own Instagram posts rather than all at the end – our group Interim exhibition Congruous. Makes text/post more appealing.

Ella Lockwood Instagram

Even this local artist I follow below has never used Instagram hashtags even from the start – you can gather followers, likes etc without hashtags.

birth_day_suit Instagram scrolling film

birth_day_suit Instagram


Tea uses Instagram as a source for communication, promotion, as her own gallery/platform to share her journey. Pushes her online presences on Instagram as it’s more accessible/functional in terms of engaging with audience. Bold artwork = appealing feed.

Sophie Tea Instagram


There’s no available story highlights for Tea – cannot view previous stories. Compared to Reisha Perlmutter’s Instagram, you get a better feel for the artist/work.

Reisha Perlmutter Instagram


Created her own hashtag due to IG growth. It allows her to have a direct line with viewers of her artwork – viewers use it specifically to see/promote her work.


Linktree in IG bio – the heart prints link currently doesn’t work, effects the functionality of Linktree. She’s just began a YouTube channel, different platform with new viewers.


For this blog I want to analyse the artist Sophie Tea’s website – it’s exciting, bright and draws you in. Tea has used her online presence to grow her artwork and discussion with her audience.

See below, her opening page to her website has an eye-catching film of an important artwork which sets off her design/brand. The website is very feminine which is fulfilling her target audience well, straightforward, attractive and easy to explore.


There’s a shop where she showcases her artworks, but instead uses her Instagram as her main gallery – downfall, not everyone has Instagram.


Below, there’s a dropdown menu for blogs which she keeps up to date monthly with good communication to people who may not use Instagram and use of promoting her art. She uses her blogs even more when she’s building up to a drop.


A small print ‘about’ could be more in-depth, so we know her better as an artist, however – I believe it’s clear her paintings are celebrating the female form.


For my first blog I am to analyse Empty Easel’s website. It’s an unappealing, monochrome and masculine opening page on laptop, doesn’t feel like there is a target audience. This possible works to encourage all sexes/ages to become an artist. See below, it’s confusing and an overload of information for beginner artist.


But functional as there’s everything to know – different painting tutorials with text, images and videos to follow. Good visual communication for the audience rather than just pages of text to read, see below. Means no discussion with audience.

  • No Instagram – missing out on an engaging audience.


However, appears less complicated on phone screen but is a long front page/too much scrolling. I wouldn’t use it as there’s too many separate areas to access.


Band breaks up page/zone’s in attention – a good place to start on page for beginners to learn the basics e.g. painting lessons.