Performance Piece that is happening everyday in Double Take Exhibition, Surface Gallery, Nottingham from 15-19th May 2007 2-3pm.

Exploring freeform writing whilst recalling memories in a poetical trance-like manner. The attempt to share intimacy with the audience through the writing whilst being separated by the illumination of the laptop, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere.


I am also currently in the process of sorting out my website, but it is taking it's toll on me…quite hard to do it seems!


Tomorrow will be the last of the daily performances that I am doing for Surface Gallery, Nottingham’s Double Take Exhibition.

The Private View performance that I did for an hour 6-7 on Tuesday, went well I think.

It was quite intimidating…but I suppose practice makes… well you get better at it dont you?!

I also fgound that my left little finger began to get cramp/pins and needles…that’s something that I am going to have to look into.

Well.. I do like the set up and will add a photo soon, and the writing is interesting.

It really is quite a challenge to freeform write and type for an hour each day for 5 days. (2-3 if anyone fancies a butcher’s)

I have written an awful lot it seems, so I think I may look into creating a book from it.. And that will be the final documentation of the piece perhaps.

I think I will add some more final thoughts after tomorrow…the final day, of the final show of The Rules Of The Game series.

We shall see…