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Image: Proposed Route 50°18’30.9″N 3°37’23.0″W 

Key: ‘green line’= previously accessed route. ‘A’=View Point (as photographed below). ‘b’= potentially inaccessible areas.

Here I propose my route.

I also have concerns that the ‘way’, as is visible from the satellite maps, may now be impassable due to landslides or other problems, as marked: ‘b’.

Image: A: View Point. 50°18’30.9″N 3°37’23.0″W Including view of Start Point, and Slapton Sands: famous for Exercise Tiger; the 1942 failed practice run for the Normandy Landings, resulting in mass death of American troops on British soil. Nominally made public after decades of strict secrecy. Much remains unknown, including the whereabouts of mass grave/s.