I was taken by the idea of working with light after seeing some of the work of Yayoi Kusama (pictured) on-line. I decided to research art and light and whilst on this hunt I came across some installation work by Italian artist Carlo Bernardini. The works (pictured below) are large free standing Perspex boxes with fibre-optic lights inside them.

I started to scour the internet, firstly to find out what the materials were called. I managed to find a lot of China suppliers but only had one week before I was off on my trip to the Czech Republic and wanted to take the material with me and work with it in the abandoned prison in which we were as a group doing an artist residency.

I finally came across a firm in the UK that supplied and manufactured fibre-optics and contacted them directly (see e-mails) it transpired they sold off cuts from the factory floor on e-bay and she offered me a bag for £5 so I ordered it there and then with only a few days to go.

I set about researching on-line how to light up the fibre-optics, and came across this video on-line:


I bought a selection of non-flashing white lights, and when the fibre-optics arrived I tested them and was thrilled that the idea worked. The light was very subtle, but I was confident if I could find a dark enogh space I could get it to work, however, I also had another problem as the fibre-optics were in a big sack that filled my suitcase, so I had to quickly book a hold bag!


The planning of the trip to the Czech republic had come about not long after I had the privilege of a guided tour of Gormleys show in White Cube Bermondsey, (see separate blog) and the concept of the body as space was still figuring large in my imagination, I started to ruminate on what could happen if I tied these two concepts together…

Anthony Gormley – Feeling Material 2003-2008

The work was started with an attempt to create the body out of a matrix of rings. He then created it using an unending spiraling line orbiting the body.

Later works try to use the least material necessary to create the body in a suspended matrix.


I was looking at Gormleys work on-line whilst in the Czech Republic and came across the work ‘Feeling Material’ (above) which is a collection of works, having already been inspired by Gormley this was inspirational in changing my goals for the piece which in CP.