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27th January, 2013

Today I had the studio for the whole day. Ira, Andrew, Rebecca and the adorable VP took off to Tokyo for a days outing and I imagine Kiguchi was somewhere elsewhere being busy. Before I arrived I entertained myself along the way.

I’ve now taken to filming small excerpts in the streets of Yokohama as I am considering building an abstract narrative that could link part of the performance… the part where i don’t perform. One of my earlier questions was to consider how might the performance engage or disengage without my entire presence holding the light. I have limited experience in the art of editing and film making so the outcome could be a little brutal but I’m open for the beating.

I have decided to take the challenge and use the whole of the studio the two halves dividing the action, dividing the audience and to work with a third perspective of he/she who sees the better part of both. I’m uncertain at this point of a resolution and to the exact purpose of the third person however over the course of the next week I hope this becomes clearer.

My default mechanism to move first and develop a vocabulary of physical images has been restricted by my imposing a different mode of building a structure. I have been deliberately attempting to create scenes that move through the space creating moments of absence and presence within fixed time frames with a vague sense of how I might dance and interact. This led me to writing the beginnings of a narrative for a short story that is filtered with elements of this Japanese experience part in facts and in myths. The discovery of a demon scarecrow lurking in the black box made my day.

At lunch Seth and I met up for a coffee. I’m grateful for his curiosity and insights, his questions occasionally left hanging in the air unanswered but with thoughtful provocation

Matthew Morris

rehearsal and improvisation – demon scarecrow