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Male: Female

Active: Passive

Progressive: Receptive

What is the difference between the Male and Female Experience?

It seems to be determined that women qualify their experiences through patient waiting for biological rhythms to occur. This could be considered an organic process of receptive or passive action. Relating to cartesian theory which imposes early societal conventions of women being purely biological creatures, suggesting a contentment for the standstill of reproductive life. The male experience however appears to stem from the eagerness for the ability to carry their own biological child. Through methods of mathematics, the quantification of the female experience can be seen. Counting, recording and planning; ways of actively simulating pregnancy (through agricultural cultivation, medical sciences and smelting) are discovered, then controlled. This affinity towards experience is filled with the need for immediate gratification. The mind aspect of  Cartesian Dichotomy allows for spiritual pregnancy to occur, ideas and creative thoughts can be nurtured and ‘brought to full term’. This potential replacement for the organic act of pregnancy is perhaps what gave humanity the drive for exploration and progression.

But how is feeling quantified? Time seems to be a key element. There are examples of early human calendars: notches carved into bone to signify the passing of time by the Lunar or Sleep/wake cycles. The female biological existence is categorised by durational periods in regards to circadia. The time taken until puberty, the menstrual cycle, gestational periods and the length of time until menopause. It makes sense for these calendars, especially those depicting 28 consecutive marks (days) to be made by women, recording the length of the menstrual cycle. But approaching this from a cartesian sense, women are patient and expectant of biological rhythms. Through female feeling it is possible to determine the position in the cycle. If this can be done organically, what would be the need for quantification? Perhaps these recording marks are the result of male curiosity. A method of determining female rhythms for personal knowledge and timing. Alternative calendars have been found detailing herd migration for hunting strategy. Logically, hunting calendars were made by men due to their stereotypical hunter/gatherer roles.