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The set of following workshops was created in line with participants’ commentaries where some asked for tips on drawing faces and materials possible to use for portraits. The outcome was unpredictable, many did their self-portraits immersing into creative exploration of different techniques. The Art Club chat is populated with new artworks, from peer-to-peer suggestions on paints to showers of complements.

The word-of-mouth is spreading, more participants are joining every week. Here few commentaries from the project interim evaluation. The data protection within the trust does not allow to display participants’ names. 

C: This is the first time I have ventured into art and artistic expression. I’m enjoying immensely exploring and experimenting with art materials and styles. The videos, descriptions, and guidance are fascinating and inspiring.

I’ve also discovered that art is very practical which is a delight. At work, I’ve become interested in how creativity can help shape strategy development, team effectiveness, personal development, and other aspects of corporate life. My experiments with art at work include using drawing and mindfulness to talk about wellbeing, storytelling, and metaphor to understand challenges from new perspectives and using poems to explore listening/team working. I’m intrigued by the ripples from Art Club and how they appear unexpectedly in my work and personal life. For example, because of Art Club, I’ve become very curious about how art and creativity can illuminate our lives. I volunteered to take part in research at Edinburgh University about how writing poetry can help people communicated about their health. I’m new to art and new to poetry, but because of Art Club, I’m discovering them, and enjoy using art to experess/add to the poems I create. Art Club has taught me that its ok not to an expert, it’s the process and the experience that matters and where change/something new can emerge.

Below is the list with four links to remaining videos.

Universe and Art 

Trees and Art

Art and The Favourite Story