I finally got to do my short course in sugar work. A whole day of pure sweet indulgence!

I spent the day at Spun Candy in London, working one on one with a specialist sugar crafter, who taught me the art of working with sugar at different temperatures.

In Ivan Day’s essay ‘The art of confectionery’ he describes how the skills  of confectioners were much admired and considered to be highly regarded. I definitely felt very immersed and captivated by the course. One of my favourite techniques was stretching the sugar:

‘Stretching Sweetness’ https://vimeo.com/308764275

As well as experiencing how malleable it is whilst warm. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bqm2z2yF0FX/

It really is a luscious and amazing material to play with.

I learnt how to mould, cast, shape, flavour and colour the sugar:

I came away with a bounty of confectionery goods!

I feel more confident to develop my new skills and knowledge learnt. I am looking forward to experimenting further and plan to create sugar based work, which will then be used within a larger new body of work.

Through a mixture of workshops and performances, I intend to extend on this project by inviting a mixture of people to test and try out the work, in my studio.

In February, myself and my collaborators,  film-maker Tereza Stehlikova and performer Tereza Kamenicka will be Screening Sweet Muscle Flexing, 2018  a short film, that we created in my previous post.

We will screen the film to a new audience in London. Where I will also be building on the themes explored in the film through a edible interaction.