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There is one piece of footage that we are really struggling to find audio to match. So we left the dead cat out in the front garden for most of the morning to see what we could capture. Hermine spotted it from a distance and thinking it was animal, stalked it slowly. We have captured her yelps quite nicely. She was worried she had ruined our audio, but with an hour and half of birds tweeting we think we’ve got enough.

We thought we would wag off this afternoon and see the Tour de Fance on the last leg of its journey into Paris. It was starting at Chantilly, just up the road. We managed to find a quiet spot about 10km from the start. While waiting, the publicity caravan came passed. It was very creative (cars turned into giant chickens, dogs and cakes) and they hurled all sorts of things at us (saucisson, bread, super glue, spotty hats, yellow scarves and bottles of water – you don’t want one of those landing on your head). The peloton came passed VERY close, and the crowd went mental. Over in 2 minutes in flat, then we headed home.

We took a slight detour on the way back when we spotted some horses romping around a paddock. We recorded some audio of their neighing, whinnying and kicking out at each other. Then they came towards us, looking rather irate and really frisky. We noticed that the fence wasn’t very tall and legged it rather briskly back to the car.

Returning to the Chateau, Hugo and Hermine were having a drink al fresco and invited us to join them. They were polishing of the remainder of the rocket fuel from the night before. Are they mad? Conversation was lively. Hermine was recounting tales of romance amongst woofers. And let slip her ‘rules about dinner.’ Number 1: it is forbidden to talk about the food and how it was made (too boring). Number 2: It is forbidden to talk about the plots of films (as this always sounds shit). This is useful information as we are having dinner with them tomorrow for our last night, when Hermine is making Chard from the garden baked with a bechamel sauce (we won’t ask how she made the bechamel sauce. Or talk about Citizen Kane).

This evening we watched the difficult piece of footage again with every single bloody bit of audio we have recorded. And then we had a revelation. Julie actually cried, though that might have been because we are so tired / drunk / hungover. It doesn’t fit with the other films, so the goalposts have moved a bit. Which is a shame as we have designed the catalogue now and it goes to the printers tomorrow morning! But we think we might just have stumbled across something quite amazing. Fingers crossed it still looks as good in the morning.