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Our last day. Sad face. Today we had a crack at the edits, looking through all the footage and trying to work out our ins and outs, quite literally. By mid afternoon, we had gotten tired of looking at hours of tunnels (and half an hour of Debbie’s lap. This was actually brilliant, with the soundtrack of us getting more and more lost in Paris and saying unspeakable things to the satnav. A piece of art in itself). We took a break and went to show our dwarfs some attention. Poor things have been hidden in the garage since we bought them at the brocante back in May. It was time to get the little babies out.

First we had to work out which was which, thank you google, and then we assigned their character traits to contemporary living:

Happy: On prozac
Grumpy: Worried about brexit
Dopey: Stoner
Doc: Brainy but can’t afford university fees
Sneezy: Has lots of allergies
Bashful: Low self-esteem
Sleepy: Working 2 jobs to make ends meet

Recognise anyone?

We have hidden the dwarFs around the garden and have written rhyming couplet clues to help you find them. Since we are sharing the Chateau with a renowned poet, Hugo, we are keeping this under our hats for now. Hermine seems surprisingly supportive of this venture and is even letting them stay in the garden in the run up to the show. She was a bit worried that Justine also has a garden trail of works, though hers is a little more academic than ours it has to be said. Should be a good combo.

As our residency draws to a close, we have been looking back at our stay. Some of our more harrowing moments have included: getting to grips with driving in Paris, hanging off a motorway bridge, being surrounded by swarms of bees in sub-standard bee-keeping outfits, taking expensive camera equipment to really dodgy Parisian suburbs and giving a talk in French to a French audience. Oh and learning how to deal with moody French folk. It certainly has been a challenge but we have come away with the footage that we hoped for and think we can produce a bit of work of which we can be proud.

We are really looking forward to coming back in September and bringing our family and friends with us to see this beautiful place and show them the fruits of our labour. Sunday 4th September, 4pm. You are all cordially invited.

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