The ‘Diary of a Constipated Artist’ is an attempt to share the trials and tribulations of a practicing artist who is going through an identity crisis. Am I a painter, sculptor, illustrator, designer, video artist, writer, researcher or could I become a performance artist? I have in recent years accomplished all these things to a greater or lesser degree, whether one defines success based on a financial reward or simply taking part in a group workshop or unpaid residency, I suppose it depends on one’s outlook.

During a conversation, where I was conveying my frustration at being ‘stuck’ in my practice, basically not wanting to bring any more junk into an already over populated art world. And, that I was thinking of starting a Blog called the ‘Stuck Artist’, my good friend James Norman [MD retired, practising artist by inclination] suggested that I call the blog ‘the constipated artist’, so, with that in mind here I am.


One of the things that have always bugged me about ‘Blogs’ is the number of times I have visited a potentially interesting site only to find that they have not been updated for years. Hopefully, that won’t happen here!

Last night (25/8) I went to the private view of ‘cognizant’, a ‘Short Film + Moving Image Exhibition’ hosted by Elysia Evans and Scarlett Smyth at the Centrespace Gallery in Bristol.

Described as ‘an exhibition that will enquire into the transient nature of the human mind and its relation to mental health. Shifting from the subliminal, chaotic and often disruptive experiences, towards a recognition of mental states. Expressed through short film and moving image’. It was both entertaining, informative and inspiring, an interesting night well put together by ‘Scarlett’ and worth the trip into town.

At the event, there was an excellent public performance by Vérène Wolff of her work ‘Stepping Out’.

The short films were: Fani Golemi – ‘Drifting’; Georgina Colman – ‘Turmoil’; David Rock – ‘:-)’; Larrie Wong – ‘Hapiness’ and Shannon Smyth & Harry Binstead – ‘Daily Cycle’.




The last two weeks have flown by. I spent the first sourcing materials, designing and assembling my structure, at home in my studio, as a base to work on for the month-long residency at the Vestibules, City Hall in Bristol with my friends from the Synecdoche Art Group []. Fourteen members of the group have leased both spaces from City Hall for the month of September to enable us to work, show case our diverse talents and interact with the public, our concept is based on the word ‘[dis]place’ which we are all interpreting in various ways and medium.

‘The Vestibules’ is a new initiative instigated by Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol and Councillor Estella Tincknell, Deputy Mayor, to ‘showcase Bristol talent and give cultural and community groups unique environments to display their work’ in partnership with Artspace Lifespace.

Monday the 4th was installation day, first came the briefing on using the facilities, we had to be very quiet in various corridors; found out later this is where the ‘gods live’, etc. etc. Unfortunately, not everyone could make it for the briefing or installation which meant that some of the walls look a little thin, but it is a work in progress. The first few days were slow as far as visitor numbers attending, but it picked up towards the end of the week with over 150 coming in including a family from Northern Italy who I spent an enjoyable time with discussing art in general.