Working in collaboration with Onebeech garden design, Steve Papps and writer Jackie Bennett we are creating a concept garden for the 2011 International Festival des Jardins at the Domiane de Chaumont sur Loire,France. The garden is called the takeway garden or le jardin a emporter and explores biodiversity. this blog will follow the project as it develops and gets built and opens to the public in May.


I was too busy last week to write anything here, we were getting everything ready to be taken over to France for the first week of installing the garden. This has involved many things from getting vans fixed, buying plants dealing with french bureaucracy, still not received any money for this, but it will come apparently.

For my part as the artist on board it has been a time of stitching the bags, photographing and thinking about the van and getting the benches made, it was all fairly unproblematic as i have been thinking about it all for months.The benches look great and have made me think about other projects and how to tackle them. This has been and still is a different kind of project, simpler in many ways as the responsibility artistically and practically does not all fall on me and because it is in a different context it has relieved me of a lot of the usual protracted decision-making, it is freed from being a purely art piece and is more enjoyable in some ways.

I feel i should say profound things about the works and the process, but maybe that is the point that it has its own meaning in the doing and maybe i am just too busy making it all at the moment, once finished i will be able to look at it clearly.

Steve (onebeech garden designer) is now in france in the beautiful sunny surroundings of Chaumont in the Loire valley, with the bags, filling them up with soil and planting the trees.

I shall be going over in two weeks time to do the artwork on the van and see it all come together.