As part of my a-n bursary research into setting up a radio platform in Digbeth (Birmingham) the two-week pilot for TRANSMISSION went live on 7 Dec with a launch event at A3 Project Space and runs from 21 December 2018.

All programmes for Transmission are made by artists, musicians and composers based in the West Midlands and the launch was attended by three composers from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire who have made programmes; Michael Wolters, Paul Norman and Andrew Hamilton.

The first day of the station included a preview of a new LP by Hamilton ‘Music for People’ and on Sunday Wolters and Norman made a 3hour programme ‘Difficult Listening’.

The launch was also attended by Jose Arroyo and Michael Glass who are broadcasting a regular podcast they make ‘Eavesdropping at the Movies’. Over the two weeks they are discussing 13 film including new releases such ‘Black Panther’ and classics such as ‘Casablanca’.

Programmes run from 5pm every day until 21 December and you can listen via


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Over the coming 4 days you can listen to programmes by composer Bobbie Gardner, visual artist Ian Richards, writer Jose Arroyo, artist Mark Murphy, broadcaster Paul Wright and artist duo Georgiou & Tolley.