As part of my a-n bursary the pilot of Transmission ran from 7 to 21 December and here is the first round-up of the programmes that were made by artists, composer and writers and broadcast on www.radiotransmission.co.uk

Composers Michael Wolters & Paul Norman created a 3hour programme ‘Difficult Listening with Paul and Michael’ that introduced listeners to their work

A series of podcasts ‘Eavesdropping at the Movies’ by film scholar from University of Warwick¬† Jose Arroyo and former student Michael Glass were broadcast daily at 6pm and included discussions of classics such as Casablanca and recent releases BlacKkKlansman.

Artist Carolyn Morton made an hour long soundscape ‘Round the World in 60 Clips’ that collaged field recordings made on her travels through Asia and South America

Artist George Reiner and academic Joash Musundi made ‘Aunt Nelly’ a programme that explored the relationship between ‘the diva’ and queer identity.

In my next blog I will review the programmes by a further 16 artists who made programmes that were broadcast on the pilot of www.radiotransmission.co.uk