12 October 10 BA (Hons) Fine Art Great facilities, studio space, student support and great students to study with.

I wrote this and in my confusion over using this a-n site, I think it is about time it was seen ;-)


I was photocopying and pasting with enthuse today! Its been a full filling time articulating my ideas and working out my next steps. Looking at the Artist Dan Graham and the work he does which is very architectural. This is where my work is veering to right now. The space between that separates us. Like a shop window or a two sided mirror.

My tutor suggested I look into the film Orpheus in the Underworld I must do that I have read the story years ago. Its that space between the no space void. The themes of myths and scale and Admission that are taking me to places. I created a story – like a siphon of thoughts from two people who never meet and yet see each other almost everyday.

We have to do a powerpoint in 2 weeks time! I have begun the beginnings of it so that I have something to work on and it was soooo helpful to have my mentor / friend Clo with me to help keep me awake and focused! I feel more confident by beginning it now.

Did my new video blog to help me focus and reflect on how it is all going and how I feel right now – good or bad its something to be honest and reach for the opportunity to be expressive.