Critical Fine Art Practice BA (hons)


I have a blogger profile! Horaay! You can look at it here;

I have now moved home from Brighton and my life as an art student has come to a close. Now all I need to do is find a job/ internship/ work experience with a gallery or magazine and make sure I keep up my art practice. I’ve not made much progress with either yet…

I have plans to create some drawings that are based on ideas I talk about in my blogger profile. For now I’ve put performance ideas to one side until I’ve explored the ideas further.

This will probably be my last post in degrees unedited. I’ve been developing my tumblr to act as a website and I shall be concentrating my blogging efforts there for now. You can see it here;

Lastly I want to say thanks to a-n, degrees unedited and Richard Taylor. Keeping this blog has been a great help for me this year and being awarded a runner-up prize was amazing. I’m sure I’ll be back blogging on artist’s talking at some point!


Just thought I would share with you a more detailed picture of my work in the show. Enjoy!


It’s all finished. Which is strange. We get our results on Monday, which is pretty scary.

So now I need to find something to do in the real world. I’d really like to work in an art gallery but I’ve not had much response to anything I’ve sent or to any or my applications. So I’ve changed tactics. I am now sending galleries tea, because everyone loves tea! (except me, which is kind of ironic).

Along with the tea I’m sending little cards that have QR codes on them that link to my other blog ( ).

Anyway, soon to come will be my blogger profile! Exciting!

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The show is now open! Do come along and have a look if your are nearby. There is a huge variety of things on show such as fashion, 3D material design, illustration and fine art. I’ve such a great time on my course, I’m sad to have finished.

So far my course’s show has been a great success, tutors, head of school etc. all seem to have had good things to say. And on Tuesday the artists Heather and Ivan Morrison will be talking to us about how they think the show works. Exciting stuff!


The show is up! Here are some photographs, more to come soon.

Our show opens to the public on 9th June until 14th June.

Showing work from Critical Fine Art Practice are;

Tamsin Devereux

Rebecca Field

Maddy Flynn

Joshua T Howell

Maxwell Jeter

Rosie Marchant

Izzy McGough

Dan Nutt

Fran Odmin-Loughlin

Emma Palmer

Mike Pudan

Ann Roberts

Philippa Sharpe

Eleni Toukeli

Matthew Vitty

Bethany Williams