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Hello there,

Today is the eve of month three of the slogans project.  I joked this week that after 50 odd days you would think I’d run out of things to bitch about but nope.  Still going strong.

I must however, step up the retrospective weekly blogs here to get up to date.

Meanwhile this is Week 3

Friday 22nd July 2016 – Slogans Project Week 3

Another seven day round up for Slogans Are Not A New Device But They Are A Useful Tactic.

This week hasn’t really gotten better has it.  Even worse today with the current breaking news of people running around with freaking guns in Munich.  A slogan to come for that later.


It’s not that I’ve been lazy this week, I’m running out of new things to say.  Instead of writing new things I’ve been looking at pre-made slogans that would fit.



Starting with Friday 15th July 2016 then.

Slogan 15 No Slogan Today. Fresh Horror Prevails.

On waking up to the horrible news of another terrorist attack, this time in Nice, I thought of a lot of things to write but soon realised that it would not be good.  Then Francis Barber made pitiful comment on Twitter, using this awful event to attack Jeremy Corbyn.  Very poor taste indeed.


That’s the thing about Twitter, you get a sense of what people are really like.  Once upon a time you would only get a view point of a celebrity based on how they behaved in an interview but now we can see who they actually are.  In this case we see a rich person thinking it’s ok to use something horrific to exercise their own agenda.


That aside here was something really horrible.  But it’s no less horrible than the attacks elsewhere in the world.  Its all very fresh in Europe but we can’t lose sight of the fact that people are attacked, murdered on a regular basis in Middle Eastern countries.  And yet this isn’t reported nearly as extensively.


Later on Friday more unrest in Turkey. An attempted coup.  The knock on effect has been progressively more worrying.  Rounding up teachers and students, detaining them indefinitely.  Abolishing Human Rights.  Sounds like the coup was a means of setting off a full on dictatorship.  But that’s me speculating.



Onto Slogan 16 Heightened Anxiety

I wrote this slogan, or set of feelings, in response to something that had happened to me a few months ago.  It seemed appropriate to bring it out this week.  My hands and face are covered in an eczema breakout.


I have pompholyx, a kind of blistery eczema linked to the nervous system.  When I’ve had a shock, a sustained anxiety fuelled situation, I will get a pompholyx breakout.  But not straight away, no, about two weeks to a month later.


I suspect this current attack comes from the EU Referendum.  It fits timescale wise.



Sunday 17th July 2016

Slogan 16 The Mythology Of Whipping

I was thinking about how different aspects of the news are being spun and what politicians are saying to us.  They like telling us what to do to make it much easier for us.  It means we don’t need to think.  We can get on with work and being mindless.


Maybe I’m cynical?


In November last year I was at a presentation given by Deputy Chief Whip Alan Campbell to the Labour Party.  He was explaining how whipping worked in the House of Commons.  (And no I’m not going to add anything smutty although it is tempting considering all the debauched Tory rumours).


According to the notes I’ve made it looks like he said that making a choice when voting for or against acts and policies it a “nightmare” for MPs and that “people like being told what to do”.


On Monday 18th July 2016 I made this slogan. It was requested via twitter


Slogan 18  I <3 Politicians Who Keep Calm And Tell The Truth <3 X <3 X <3

It’s fairly self explanatory.


Bit of trial to get everything lined up nicely though overall quite pleased with this one.



Slogan 19  Bad Experiences, Quick Judgements

I’ve been thinking about past friendships and relationships with people whom I don’t ever want to speak to again.  Their behaviours were not good.  They were controlling.


It’s made me wary sometimes.  Overly so at times when I shouldn’t have been.  It’s all learning I guess.


In terms of news and current events, I think I’m not trusting what’s going on.  Perhaps I’m filling in too many gaps in the information given with my excessive imagination?


It’s all in preparation for


Slogan 20 Forget//Remember

I’m fed up with divide and rule.  Politicians and the media need to stop using misdirection to get away with bad deeds.  And besides we need to be fighting the likes of the tories and UKIP.


Or maybe the public needs to be more aware?


Yesterday I woke with a start at around 5am.  For a moment I thought it was much later, that I’d overslept, that I was alone in the flat.  But no, just something had woken me.  Then all these thoughts flooded into my mind.  That I was hopeless and useless and that I should’ve done more by now.


Slogan 21 I’m Sure I Used To Do More

So then, I did things that have been on my “To Do List” for weeks.  There are motivating red ticks all over the page for this week’s plan.  And then I went for a run.


Perhaps I did too much?


I do have more to do though.  Including a new slogan for today.



I’m still doing too much, but that’s a whole other blog.

A surprising side effect of this project is that I am generally doing more.  It must be keeping to a structure and having that specific task of producing new work daily.  The knock on effect being that other aspects of my life and habits have improved.

But that’s another blog too.

So then.  I’m off to write more slogans.

Thank you for reading,