BA (Hons) Fine Art, University of Lincoln 

My work has changed considerably since starting my course, utilising the safety net of the university environment to explore and experiment new avenues with my work. I came onto the course as a painter and I feel like my practice has expanded to encompass a much wider range of disciplines, such as installation, projection, video and sound, whilst still addressing elements of a painting practice.

I believe that before my course my work had less meaning and depth to it, but my practice is now heavily concerned with sociopolitical issues and humanitarian crises, something that I have established a morbid curiosity towards.

My work will be concerned with the migrant crisis in Libya. I’m exploring the journey across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe that thousands of people are making, and thousands aren’t surviving. I wish to highlight the issue whilst attempting to gain a better understanding of it myself. I’m using gold foil emergency blankets as a surface to transfer imagery on to and to create a hanging walkway leading to a video projection at one end.

Obviously my main goal is to achieve work that I am happy with and that is presented in a professional way. I’d also like my degree show to act as a platform to reflect on and progress from.

I’d say that my degree show is of great importance as it signifies the culmination of three years’ work and the figuring out of who I am as an artist – although I feel as though I am still somewhat figuring that out, so therefore I see my degree show as a giant stepping stone in my artistic development.

I’m not entirely sure just yet what my plans are. I have a couple of applications lined up over the summer and I’m considering an MA in Fine Art at Lincoln as I know that whatever route I take, I wish to further develop my practice and pursue a career in art.

Degree show: 25 May – 9 June.

Angus P Forbes, Untitled (detail), 2018.

Images:Angus Forbes, Untitled (detail), 2018, installation and video projection.