BA Fine Art (Sculpture), Leeds Art University.

Speaking about her work, Aisha Matraxia says:

“Throughout the past two years, my work has been a gradual development into looking at the home and our relationship with objects and the domestic. My most recent works specifically look at furniture, how incorporating my painting into my furniture transcends the work completely, while also looking at themes of functionality and aesthetics to create recognisable, universally known settings: the home; and to play on this comfort.

“Ultimately, every object I look at is in some way a representation of familial structures/bonds.

“Due to COVID-19 my degree show is now taking place virtually, in some ways disrupting the viewers interaction with my work.”

Aisha Matraxia on Instagram

1. Aisha Matraxia, Chaos For Sunday Lunch, acrylic paint on acrylic sheet, 2020.
2. Aisha Matraxia, Careful When Handling, acrylic paint on wood with acrylic painting sheets, 2020.
3. Aisha Matraxia, Feels Cold, acrylic paint on acrylic sheet, 2020.
4. Aisha Matraxia, Family Dinner, installation using mixed media, acrylic paint, wood-chip wallpaper, wooden chair and table, acetate, 2019.