BA Fine Art: Painting, Drawing and Printmaking, Carmarthen School of Art, Coleg Sir Gar.

Rithika Pandey says of her work:

“I am yearning for a spiritual, perhaps enlightened escape.” Working in painting, collage, animation and installations, her approach combines the personal, the mythological and the earthly – “a spectrum of psycho-spatial exploration”. She adds: “I am also gazing into the contemporary socio-political realities surrounding displacement, migration, women’s cultural and economic states, and most importantly mental health.”

Rithika Pandey on Instagram

Degree show: An online degree show is expected in June, while future plans for a physical show are still to be confirmed.

1. Rithika Pandey, Reciprocal Imaginary Other, acrylic on canvas; 121x121cm, 2020.
2. Rithika Pandey, But the model of my body in the model of my brain has different ideas for the future, acrylic on canvas, 92x92cm, 2020.
3. Rithika Pandey, Other steady habits, acrylic on canvas, 152x152cm, 2020.