BA (Hons) Photography, Middlesex University.

“The Royal Docks has always been an important part of East London, it is continuously being developed in different ways since the 19th century when it was first being used as a shipping and trading base. The land has been through a lot of change in a physical form over the years after being abandoned for a long period of time, which was eventually being built over and giving the area new purposes and a new life.

“These photographs present E16 in landscapes, documenting the setting in a new and improved environment focusing on different points of interest, showing a new perspective of modern life around the Royal Docks along with how everything today has replaced what was previously built on this land.

“I enjoy photographing places in and around London. As it’s a place I’ve grown up in, I find interest in discovering these new places and revisiting them multiple times and I feel I always find a new way to photograph and portray the area by focusing on its modernity and researching what it was like historically.”

Instagram @dianahukanovic

Degree Show: Salad Days, BA Photography Festival, 3-18 June 2021.

Diana Hukanović, E16.