MA Fine Art Edinburgh College of Art.

Natalie Godjamanian (MA Fine Art) works with video and digital collage. Her collages use archival and public domain images which are spliced together in photoshop. The works often feature religious ceremonies or ritual. Godjamanian says she is particularly interested in how they visually relate to mortality and our “understanding, acceptance, or denial of death”. She continues: “The use of collage and editing allows me to input a more supernatural element to the images, alluding to the belief human beings often have – or cling to – that there is something beyond the natural world. Religion is often the vehicle that reinforces the beliefs of an afterlife. The images are often edited to seem like the subjects are in a state of decay or disintegration, a state in between existence and non-existence; this world and the next.”

Instagram: @nnatttt

Degree show: Graduate show website launches 18 June, with plans for a physical show to be confirmed.

Natalie Godjamanian, Collage 3: the sage and the outlaw.
Natalie Godjamanian, Collage 2: the Innocent.