Project Slogan
Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Project Slogan 179 Victoria Road Torry Aberdeen AB11 9LU

‘A Bit Like Aberdeen’ is a site specific show which draws inspiration from Aberdeen and the surrounding area. The paintings, sculptures and altered photographic works are all responses to the following statement from Canadian artist, Jeff Wall and are in line with the artists’ continuing practice."[…] how real is the actual, how does the actual enter the imagined and how does the image govern the real?"The starting point for the ‘A Bit Like Aberdeen’ are the photo-based aspects, and these could be termed the ‘real’ parts of the finished objects. Strange elements and unusual sections are then added to create overall ‘unreal’, and ‘warped’ views. These ‘unreal’ views are partially recognizable, but are of course impossible in a tongue-in-cheek aesthetic way.