Dean Clough
Monday, July 1, 2019
12:00 AM
Fletcher’s Mill, Dean Clough, Halifax, HX3 5AX
Alice Bradshaw / Dean Clough

Art Lab at Dean Clough

Artists’ Presentations and Critical Dialogue at Dean Clough

Fletcher’s Mill, Dean Clough, Halifax, HX3 5AX

Monday 1 July, 7:30pm

Three artists’ presentations with Q&A followed by a slide presentation by Robert Donald responding to the presentations and audience requests. Free to attend, no booking required.

Robert P. Clarke

Robert P. Clarke is a new media artist using photography, video, sound, digital media, drawing and performance. His main influences are figurative works, everyday life and capturing a moment or action. Clarke has exhibited widely in the United Kingdom in galleries and has been published internationally in art books. Clarke is currently publishing work as part of his project ‘Books Marathon’.

Current running themes include working with graphic line drawings and taking these into photography in a lively and playful way. Clarke has also been creating a series of short films which include the spoken word, presented in a poetic, dream-like audio visual experience for the viewer. Recent films explore various different journeys and most recently linking short films and poetry back into performance. // Twitter: @artartcollab // Facebook: /ArtArt-Collab

Jane Walker

I make two-dimensional work with lines. The images I make are of cities, I draw and re-draw cities. Recently I have been slowing down the speed I make the lines. The images I end up with are stiller. I am interested in seeing the patterns humans make on the planet from different distances. I change the scale of buildings. I am interested in how far these patterns reach in time and space. Do human structures have any effect on nature, on animals, the weather and climate. Does the human pattern of building have any impact on the past or the future?

Composition for me is a mathematical presence in the arrangement of the lines. The speed and tension in the lines picks up on music, sounds and vibrations. I also jot down words and graffiti from the urban experience. In my work the cities are often upside down, the smallest buildings at the bottom under pressure. The lines are made with stitching, ink, scratching through oil paint I do this is to create as much contrast as possible and to extend the essentially traditional practice of painting.

Alice Bradshaw

Art Lab Coordinator Alice Bradshaw has recently been awarded a Compass Live Art Development Bursary with the proposal to research and develop her dialogue based practice. From studying the value of rubbish in art practice, Alice’s interests developed into ‘Talking Rubbish’ / ‘Rubbish Conversations’. How we define rubbish and determine values are a central interest through dialogue-based practices. Alice has previously explored pedagogy through practice with her University of Incidental Knowledge collaboration which used the language of higher education and incorporated self-directed and peer-to-peer learning through accidental or serrendipitous situations. Art Lab is her current project she set up after a self-determined need to engage in more critical dialogue about art practice in her hometown. Embarking on a new dialogical learning research project, Alice would like to present her early stage ideas and discuss other practitioner’s use of dialogue in practice (talking about talking). This group discussion will also be an opportunity to reflect on the development of Art Lab at the six month halfway point in the year of scheduled events.

If you would like to present at a future Art Lab please email Alice [email protected] with a brief outline of what you would like to talk about.