Monday, June 7, 2021
12:00 AM
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Art Lab

Art Lab June 2021

Monday 7 June 2021, 8pm

Presenting: Aruna Mene & Irina Lehman

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Meeting ID: 815 2139 5279

Passcode: 136038

Aruna Mene

I am a fabric artist with a social conscience! I create my art & craft work from recycled textiles and fabric waste, thus preventing them from clogging up the land fill sites.

My forte is creating vibrant, exotic, uplifting fabric collages on canvas. I create my collages by heat bonding hundreds and thousands of fabric fragments on a canvas board. The picture is then embellished with sequins, stones etc to give a magical feel. It is then framed under glass after using a UV protect varnish.

All proceeds from sale of my work are donated to various charities in UK and India. I am very keen to promote this enjoyable, niche artwork , which is also very therapeutic. My work has appeared in international calendars,magazines and journals. I was identified as one of the Indian influencers in Manchester and I was a runner up in ACTA awards for Art in London early this year. I have had several solo and group exhibitions and my commissioned collages on a series based on microscopic images of human tissues hang in St Georges hospital in Tooting,London and East Lancashire hospital. I am a public speaker and I am very keen to talk about environmental issues of textile waste and my niche art of fabric collage on canvas,which is not very well known in UK.

Irina Lehman

Irina Lerman is originally from Russia – was born at the small town at the Kamchatka peninsula at the side of the Pacific Ocean. After graduation from Vaganova Ballet Academy in Saint-Petersburg she joined at the same year the Mariinskiy Ballet, where she were fortunate enough to dance classical,contemporary and neoclassical reperotire and performed in a tours with a Mariinskiy Ballet all around the World – Japan, Chine, Europe, America, OAE.

At the age of 22 Irina made her first choreographic production at the beautiful stage of Mariinskiy Ballet during the Workshop of a Young Choreographers. After that, she obtained her Master’s Degree as a Choreographer at the Vaganova Ballet Academy and got a Silver Medal at the International Ballet Competition in Riga, Latvia.

During her performing and creating career, she also combined her artists skills into actress experience by participated at the movies. Her love for the art of ballet knows no limits and therefore, she always finds new opportunities to enrich her artistic experience, expand the facets of the performing arts, and perform new choreography.

As a choreographer, her ballet productions are always based on classical dance.

Art Lab is a monthly meet-up for artists and art practitioners to discuss their work, concurrent ideas and critical thinking. It’s open to anyone who would like to attend and contribute constructively. Art Lab is for sharing ideas, mutual learning, peer support and networking. The format is two/three presentations by artists / practitioners about their work / ideas / interests: 20-30 minute presentations followed by Q&A.

Art Lab welcomes all art practitioners at any stage in their career and operates a safe space policy. Art Lab is coordinated by Halifax based artist/curator/writer Alice Bradshaw.