Hypha Studios
Wednesday, November 1, 2023
Saturday, November 25, 2023
Unit 3 Euston Tower 286 Euston Road London NW1 3DP
Hypha Studios

Featured artists:Hazel Florez, Barbara Fonte , Camilla Hanney, Elena Helfrecht, Tianai Hu, Gaby Jonna, Camille Joy, Katie King, Zoe Pham, Dora Perini, L’oreal Prystaj, Ann Upton, Teri Varhol

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Things aren’t as they seem. Or, like Oscar Wilde says,” is the mystery of the world in what is visible?” This exhibition plays with such questions, beckoning viewers to understand how to bring their own magic into the mundane. Discover how witchcraft brings us, paradoxically, back into our bodies so our senses become so strong we seem supernatural. Be guided through a wide array of artistic mediums from painting and video art, to sculpture and installation, that will help you learn how to truly hear, see, smell, taste, and feel. For, once we have fine-tuned our five senses, we will reach the perfect pitch of the sixth, intuitive sense.

This exhibition will open its doors on the eve of Halloween/Samhain, a mystical time where the veil between the living and the spiritual world is believed to be at its thinnest. The private view, aptly themed a “Witches Ball,” will transport guests into a world of enchantment, where magic, art, and the supernatural converge. Dressing up is encouraged!

During the weekdays in the gallery, Camille will paint chinoiserie panels with mystical animals imbued with occult symbolism. Each Wednesday and Friday from 6-8pm we will be hosting evening events which range from writing workshops, poetry evenings, alchemical meditations, artistic performances as well as advice on how to get a bit more magic into your own life. You can find out more by following us on our socials listed as above, and (so) below. We invite you to expand your parameters of existence and come realise your own inherent magic!

Practical Information:

“As Above, So Below” is sited in a former cafe on 286 Euston Road, this exhibition is supported by HYPHA STUDIOS, and made possible by British Land. For further information please contact: Camille Joy [email protected]. For sales please contact Camille Joy or Mehroz Shaikh, [email protected] the most up to date event listings please visit @the_thing_is_wild

About the curator:

Camille Joy is an Artist and Entrepreneur; she also has been a practising witch since age seven. Camille is interested in how our parameters for existence are based on a reconciliation of extremes and she likes to deepen her understanding of this notion in the art she makes, books she writes, and interiors she designs. To Camille, every space is an altar to something else, but because it is an ode to something else, it is already a failure, an original failure, and thus the cycle repeats. The synapses between how we define things, what stories we tell about our lives versus an unattainable notion of objective reality are the precise gaps where Camille’s interest thrives.

Socials: @the_thing_is_wild

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