Towner Gallery
Wednesday, March 28, 2018
06:01 PM
South East England
Towner Eastbourne

We are living in a time of political change and unrest; we are exposed to uncertainty in the form of changes and disruptions to our personal landscape. It is apt that The Change and Disrupt exhibition is an exploration of and how artists’ collaborations benefit from adaption and accommodation of the unexpected, the unwanted or the unpredictable,

Each month the work changed hands until each artist had contributed towards each piece.  It was a process of palimpsest where the work would evolve, be reused or altered but potentially still bear visible traces of its’ earlier form.  It was a step into the unknown. Only one rule was applied– all the work must be easily transportable (in a carrier bag or box).

Nikki Davidson-Bowman explains “At each meeting we would do a ‘big reveal’ with a ‘show and tell’ type format. It’s been an amazing experience – dealing with the issues and emotions related to destroying and changing another artist’s work and seeing what another artist had done with your work – for better or worse!”