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Millree Hughes is seen here with legendary filmmaker Nick Zedd at the opening of our Involuntary México show in Metro Hidalgo, México City. It’s so good to see Nick there along with many from México City’s vibrant art world, metro […]

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The Installers – Involuntary México

An exhibition as large as Involuntary México, our show in México City’s Metro Hidalgo Station, cannot come together without the hard work, the sweat, of many people, many workers. Here are just some of them pictured with my long time […]

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Event Exhibition


  • Early notice
  • Venue:
    Patriothall Gallery
  • From:
    October 05, 2019
  • To:
    October 20, 2019
  • Location:
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MA Degree Show – University of Derby

Oh my goodness, where did the year go? The degree show opening night is the 25th September where my work will be shown to the wider public for the first time.  I’m really nervous about this, I have shown some […]

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Involuntary México Opens Tonight In México City CDMX

Here’s what the notices for our Involuntary Mexico show about Involuntary México which opens tonight: Involuntary Mexico is part of the activities with which the Collective Transportation System Metro of Mexico City, celebrates its 50 years. The subway that encompasses […]

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Job Exhibiting

Humanising Medicine

In celebration of the human side of medicine we are holding an art exhibition
as part of the Being Human Festival. Submit artwork for free, open to everyone.

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Involuntary México

Involuntary México my show in México City with my long time friend and collaborator NYC based artist Millree Hughes opens on Saturday and I can’t be there. I’m gutted. It’s not down to the 12 hour flight but to the […]

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