Inspired by my immediate surroundings, poignant memories and current affairs I explore recessive colour to create mood and atmosphere within landscapes. Lately I have been taking photos from TV news reports that relate to my own memories in composition or atmosphere, it can be instant and unexpected, I don’t scan for images I just happen upon them and feel the connection, just like taking photos of any landscape. In some sense I might be documenting the times we live in and how I relate to events. I am self taught as a painter, I studied printmaking and drawing, but the endless possibilities of oil paint is so challenging I am absorbed in experimentation and it is a real workout for the mind. Drawing remains an important element of my work however as it is often my first instinct in approaching a subject and informs the painting process. I paint using a limited palette transposing recessive colour while striving to retain equilibrium. It’s a good game to play. When I work from photos and drawings there is a point when the painting takes over and I go with what’s happening on the surface discarding the source material. Nature is the only running theme in my paintings as I work in a non formulaic way generally not repeating images but maybe repeating ideas or colours. All of nature inspires whether it is outer space, wildfires or trees. I am motivated by a desire to relate to others on a deeper level, something I can’t put into words as I’m quite an introvert and I have been told my lone figures that sometimes enter my landscapes express that. Norwich