Willesden Gallery
Wednesday, January 17, 2024
Friday, February 23, 2024
95 High Road, London NW10 2SF
willesden gallery

The exhibition seeks to foster a dialogue surrounding grief, loss, and bereavement, while delving into the dynamic ways contemporary artists respond to these emotions through their art. It seeks to challenge perceptions, evoke emotions, and foster an environment of understanding and support for those who have experienced loss.

Bringing together 41 artists, selected over an open call with more than hundred submissions received, the exhibition showcases a range of work including paintings, sculpture installation, video, and photography – exploring the art of healing through creative expression.

Featured artists:

Angela Blažanović
Blanche Malet
Cash Aspeek
Cecilia Di Paolo
Didi Gaudron
Ella Pitts-Payne
Elżbieta Smoleńska
Hayley Harrison
Henryk Terpilowski
Katia Granova
Katrin Spranger
Kimberly Burrows
Lewis Bungener
Lotte Cassidy
Mandeep Dillon
Mariam Menteshashvili
Marian Obando
Marianne Simonin
Mike Abrahams
Miranda Lopatkin
Natalia Millman
Nicholas Cheeseman
Nick Kaplony
Olivia du Vergier
Paula Parole
Pawel Kordaczka
Roisin Francis
Rory Watson
Rosie Strickland
Ruthie Craig
Sally Waterman
Sharmay Mitchell
Simon Briggs
Smriti Mehra
Sophie Ambelas
Susanne Baumann
Svetlana Atlavina
Tim Stubbs Hughes
Tiziana Alocci
Virag Pazmany
Zoë Rivas Zanello

For more information contact Curator Nadia Nervo at [email protected]