Nadia Nervo is an Artist, Curator, and Mentor. She is a graduate of The Royal College of Art (2003) and Camberwell College of Art (1998). Nadia Nervo has worked in the arts for over fifteen years, and is passionate about working with young emerging artists as well as more established visual artists. Previously she was Head of Participative Arts at Watermans for 9 years, where she devised and implemented strategies that maximised participation in arts and cultural activities for the widest possible range of individuals and groups in West London. Currently Nadia works freelance as Curator at Willesden Gallery where she is programming innovative exhibitions, including events and artists residencies. Nadia also leads many curatorial projects and live events working with collective or individual artists; these have included paintings, sculptures, and photography exhibitions held in London. Nadia has been running one to one Art mentoring/coaching sessions with artists and recent graduates, she is passionate about making a real difference to the people she works with, by helping them to improve and empower their lives and realise their full potential. In her own artistic practice, Nadia investigates the relationship between photographer and subject, often working with strangers and exploring the nature of connections being made. Intimacy and trust between artist and sitter are key elements in her practice and fundamental to the viewer’s relationship to her portraits. Recurring themes in her work are gender identity, the female body and movement. She works primarily on analogue formats. w: w: IG: @nadianervoart @nadianervoprojects london