the Muse Gallery
Thursday, June 30, 2022
Sunday, July 10, 2022
269 Portobello Road London W11 1LR
the Muse Gallery

Jacob Yentob is a self-taught London-born artist with Iraqi Jewish roots. His practice has grown from time in studios assisting several accomplished artists, his narrative evolved from personal experience.  Jacob works across a wide range of mediums from ink to paint, writing, sound, film and photography to depict an interior world on a spectrum from calm to comic, to terrifying. 

There is an immediacy and urgency in Yentob’s work, fuelled by a restless energy and humanity. In this landscape of the mind, he allows the observer to experience a range of complex emotions which can be playful, provocative and profound. Jacob creates a restlessness in the work to explore anxiety and exhilaration, moods and psychic states.