Saturday, February 26, 2022
Saturday, December 31, 2022
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Natalia Millman art

“Grief Letter” concept grew out of artist’s own experience of loss, coping with grief and finding light ahead. The process of writing has long been proven to have healing properties. Writing down and materialising thoughts helps release tension, organise mental chaos and decipher traumatic triggers.

Writing the letter addressed to the deceased is a powerful way of diving into subconscious, processing memories, closing some chapters, asking for forgiveness or advice, express anger or regrets or just put your thoughts down without overthinking.

To take part in “Grief Letter”, please contact the artist to request a pack on [email protected] or via contact form on

Spreading the word among your friends, your local community and on social media about Grief Letter Project will help reach many people who are can benefit from it.

Please follow #griefletterproject on Instagram and Facebook and connect with the artist via social media @nataliamillmanart

Feel free to contact the artist if you have any questions [email protected] and sign up for updates via website.