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Projections is a programme based around artists’ moving image at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne. A major component of the programme is a monthly series of events, half of which will be drawn from a biannual open call.

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Week 4 (Singular)

WEEK 4 Recap   Moving freely in the space. Maintaining a closeness to somebody, keeping distance from another. Moving with imagined connections with the whole group, with the whole group in your vision. Thinking anatomically, moving with the spine, the […]

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Containers I-V: Choreographic Workshops

Initiated by visual artist Sam Williams and lead by choreographer Joe Moran, Containers is a series of workshops for artists, writers, curators and researchers with an interest in the choreographic and a desire to incorporate movement and somatics into their […]

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Discourse on my arts practice and coaching

For me, an artist and a coach, the question I want to respond to is one of ethics. How does a contract of trust manifest when using coaching methods outside coaching contexts?   When operating as a coach I am […]

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Time and Privilege

The first few months of this year (2016) have been a time of significant change for me.  Having left my role at Cubitt, where I co-founded and led a large scale education programme for eight years, I decided to quite […]

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Education, education, education

Part of the circle of mentoring which I am developing includes being part of a peer network and providing educational experiences. I strongly believe either having a creative education or at least including aspects of creative thinking, making and exploring […]

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    February 27, 2016
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    May 13, 2016
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