Based in Somerset, UK, Fiona explores connections between line, growth and energy, interconnections from micro to macro, nature’s cyclical persistence and transformation. Treating line as object, her work blurs boundaries between sculpture, drawing and installation. Environmental concerns are important to her: human exploitation of nature, (of which we are a part) and over-consumption inform the content, taking her work into the realm of artivism. Rooted in anti-consumerism, Fiona’s use of reclaimed and discarded materials relates to the issue of waste. It belongs to a wider subject of our relationship with matter, nature, and ourselves. Materiality and process are central to her practice. The work is hand-made - the action of making often intuitive, time-consuming and repetitive. Collecting materials is intrinsic to the process. Fiona approaches materials as anti-hierarchical, upholding that ‘everything in life is in essence biological’ (Le Corbusier). In 2015 Fiona was awarded Arts Council funding for her ambitious project ‘step in stone‘, involving site-specific artscapes in Mendip quarries with 14 international artists. She curated and featured in the multidisciplinary event, which linked culture, environment and the community. In 2016 she was commissioned to create a 4m hand woven canopy as a focal piece for Sarah Eberle’s Viking Cruises Mekong Garden, Chelsea Flower Show, which won gold and best artisan garden. This year, she was selected for the Ingruttati Palermo workshop and exhibition, a collateral 5x5x5 event, part of Manifesta12. Other awards include the Environmental Award for Devon Recycled Sculpture Trail ’14, first prize Atkinson Gallery Summer Show ’11, and David Shepherd Wildlife Fund 3d Wildlife Artist of the Year ’09. She was highly commended for her work as Green Capital Artist in Residence ’12, culminating in exhibitions at the Arnolfini, Harbour and Create Centre, Bristol. Fiona recently completed a Masters in Fine Art at Bath Spa University, and is a Rep for Somerset Art Works. Somerset