Wednesday, February 24, 2021
02:00 PM
Across UK
Sam Bradbury Art
A family friendly art work shop all about the great collage artist Hannah Höch.
Hannah Höch was a pioneer of photomontage and collage art, working with cut out photos, newspapers and other clippings to produce art work that challenged social norms and helped to make photomontage the recognised and well loved art form it is today.
There will be a short presentation about her work and methods before we create our own collages in a few easy to follow workshop sessions.
The workshop will take place via Zoom and the link will be shared to the event page on the day at 1pm.
There are a few things you will need to take part in the workshop so please have them ready before we start.
You will need:
-Glue (Pritt stick or PVA are both fine)
-Plain paper to stick your creations onto
-Some cut out images to collage:
-10 or 12 faces (not too small)
-A piece of coloured paper
-Some every day objects (clocks, vases, cooking utensils, cars, instruments, whatever you like!)
This is a free art workshop as I believe art should be accessible to everybody however a suggested donation of £6 would be very helpful and mean more workshops can take place in the future.
You can donate via paypal before or after the workshop here:
This workshop can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. It is suggested for ages 7+ but younger budding artists might enjoy it with some adult supervision (especially with scissors!)