Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
Saturday, July 31, 2010
Sunday, September 5, 2010
25 Hawthornvale, Newhaven, Edinburgh EH6 4JT

3 consecutive exhibitions featuring new work: Katie Orton: 1-8 August, Meet the Artist on Sun 1 August 2-3pm, Opening on Sat 31 July 6-8pm. Katie Orton’s practice bridges the gap between squalor and opulence, between superficiality and a search for meaning. She has an uncanny ability to bodge convinving illusions together from cardboard, lino, wallpaper and plastics, mixing seemingly insignificant materials and acute observations in an attempt to understand societal forces and methods of control. Paul Rooney: 14-22 August, In Conversation on Sun 15 Aug 2-3pm, Opening on Fri 13 Aug, 6-8pm. Paul Rooney will show a new installation involving a felled tree and proejcted text, with the text providing the voice of the tree. Kate V Robertson: 28 August – 5 September, In Conversation on Sun 29 Aug, 2-3pm, Opening Fri 27 Aug, 6-8pm. Kate V Robertson will create a fountain-esque sculpture, using materials that are becoming a recurring feature of her work – ink, paper, cement, bricks, etc. The piece will punctuate its environment with inky outbursts and spontaneous eruptions, giving the work a life and character of its own, with unpredictable results.