Medicine Bakery & Gallery
Friday, September 13, 2019
Friday, September 20, 2019
69a New Street. Birmingham, B2 4DU
West Midlands
Medicine Bakery & Gallery, 69a New Street. Birmingham, B2 4DU

‘Mapping Bones 4- They Cross Oceans’ is a solo exhibition of drawings, paintings, poetry and live performance-drawing by Birmingham-based artist Saranjit Birdi. In a time where nationalism, tribalism and cross-border conflicts are the agenda, Saranjit explores through drawing, the terrain common to us all, and non-negotiable, our skeleton.

Supported by Arts Council of England, this exhibition is a culmination of research and practice of drawing and its relationship to body movement. Using the human skeleton as subject, Birdi’s focus has been on traditional observational drawing and skill mastery, akin to holistic artist-scientist Renaissance ideals. He relates his drawing process to cartography, making maps of terrains of the skeleton, searching for a spiritual connection with this inner landscape.

Having worked both as an architect and dancer, drawing and bodily movement have melded – enabling the whole body to be used for drawing, discovering links between seeing and sensing. In his process, he often has music playing, as drawings can take several hours or days. Reflecting on this through poetry and music, new performance experiences and paradigms are created.