Adam Gallery
Saturday, July 16, 2022
Saturday, July 30, 2022
3 Northumberland Buildings, Bath, BA1 2JB
South West England
Adam Gallery

The show will include new work exploring the emotional affect of colour and form through his playful and distinctive approach to painting.

His large paintings are purely abstract, meticulously painted with flat or subtly textured brushstrokes onto a smooth prepared canvas surface. The work references hard-edge modernist paintings, whilst the titles of the paintings function as micro-poems analogous to the images.

Mark seeks to break through the constrictions of safe conventionality with vibrant and dynamic compositions. Forms swirl and overlap as if in three dimensions. There is an upbeat liveliness to the work that Mark hopes will inspire positive feelings in the viewer.

Mark’s large abstract paintings have been described as impossible to ignore, drawing you into another world of experience.

Mark has exhibited in London and the South West since his first solo show in Bath in 2012, and has paintings in several collections including the boutique hotel No 15 in Great Pulteney Street.


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