Tuesday, May 4, 2021
12:00 AM
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Art Lab

May 2021 Art Lab

Tuesday 4 May 2021, 8pm

Presenting: Jenny Nash, Tadhg Caffrey & Valerie Wartelle

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Meeting ID: 867 0125 3352

Passcode: 705727

Art Lab is a monthly meet-up for artists and art practitioners to discuss their work, concurrent ideas and critical thinking. It’s open to anyone who would like to attend and contribute constructively. Art Lab is for sharing ideas, mutual learning, peer support and networking. The format is two/three presentations by artists / practitioners about their work / ideas / interests: 20-30 minute presentations followed by Q&A.

Art Lab welcomes all art practitioners at any stage in their career and operates a safe space policy. Art Lab is coordinated by Halifax based artist/curator/writer Alice Bradshaw.

Jenny Nash

All my artwork for the last 6 years has been based around the theory of “pathography’. The word pathography was used by the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud on the last page of his psychobiography of Leonardo DaVinci. He theorised that an analyst could examine the work of an artist and tell something of their unconscious, internal world.

After reading Freud’s book, I realised that he had broken many of his own rules for his psychobiography to be valid. A psychoanalyst by profession is objective which requires emotional distance when they are with patients, so I am now of the strong opinion that to put an artwork into that dyadic situation, is to remove the potential for personal resonance and projection.

I have in the last 2 years developed my own methodology of “auto-pathography” in which I leave a finished artwork for a time and then come back, audio recording a “session” with it, repeating what it speaks back to me of myself though it is the analyst and I the analysand.

After extensive research, I immersed myself in re-enactment phototherapy which was originally developed by Rosy Martin and Jo Spence in the 80’s. They took on different roles, using dress up in the safe environment of mutual trust and co-counselling. My sessions, however, were done solo with a camera set to shoot continuously and all the while audio recording the on my phone, capturing not only my image but the stream of unconscious narratives that were provoked by putting myself in these roles.

Insta @SullenRiotPhotography

Tadhg Caffrey

Tadhg Caffrey is an Irish print-based artist and researcher. Currently living in London, his work is primarily grounded in photography and screen printing. Tadhg’s practice explores the processes of print, the use of repetition, and the mechanical nature of printmaking, and how these processes are linked to city life.

Embracing this meditative print process, Tadhg’s work invites one to notice the city, how it changes, and who has the power to create that change. He has worked on series relating to building material and city infrastructure, including how electricity pylons, petrol stations, housing developments and tower cranes connect humans to urban environments.

Valerie Wartelle

Valérie works with fibres and textiles using the traditional wet felting technique to create evocative wall-hung pieces. Her main fascination lies within the manipulation of fibres and textiles as an expressive art form, and explores long-term interests of texture, colour, layering and process. Valérie will present examples of her work as well as a short film about her practice made by film-maker Sarah Mason.

Insta: valeriewartelleart