Hypha Studios
Thursday, February 29, 2024
Sunday, April 7, 2024
50 Celebration Ave, East Village, London E20 1DB
Hypha Studios

MEMBRANES: Interactions and Intentions between Bodies, Biomes and Technologies is an exhibition of painted, woven, film-based and sculptural works by six artists, curated by art-science practitioner Dr. Jennifer Crouch. Exhibiting artists include Becky Lyon, Georgina Hopkin, Molly Bonnell, Fawziyah Rahman, Ella Justine Frost and Jennifer Crouch.

The works in this exhibition explore the body as multiple: as atomic, molecular, cellular, organism, relational, community, ecosystem and as biogeochemical entities. The fact that bodies interact and exchange materials across interfaces or membranes that are more or less perceptible depending on whether you perceive them on the micro or macro scale is what threads these works together. Membranes is the word we use to denote the site at which bio-geo-chemical exchange occurs between entities and environments. 

The works in this exhibition draw on the entangled, embodied and embedded nature of the bio-geo-chemical cycles which form us and which human practices and cultures emerge from. The works of sculpture, painting, textiles, jewellery and film, are mediated via queer theory, queer feminist science studies and queer ecologies. MEMBRANES will evolve, and various experiments, workshops and events will take place during the exhibition’s tenure at Hypha Studios. Our evolving installation will occur alongside a program of activities and events engaging students, researchers and the public with multiple interactions happening at the boundaries between species, technologies and environments.