Thursday, February 1, 2007
Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Media Scotland is proud to announce the extension of the documentary oral history project [murmur] in Leith. Several new stories have now been added to the project and which has just been granted permission to extend until 2009 by Edinburgh City Council. Now that spring is on the way why not go for a walk in Leith with your mobile phone and keep an eye out for the distinctive green, ear-shaped signs. New signs have been added on Coburg Street, in front of Dalmeny Park, and Admiralty Street. [murmur] Edinburgh began in 2006 when the [murmur] project team collected people's personal histories about the places in Leith which were important to them. In each of these locations, a [murmur] sign was installed with a telephone number on it. Passers-by can use their mobile phones to listen to stories while engaging in the physical experience of being right where the stories took place.