Thursday, May 2, 2019
Saturday, May 4, 2019
54b/c Bute Street Cardiff Bay CF10 5AF
BayArt, Cardiff Bay

‘Paper Exchange’ develops the spirit of open, cross cultural dialogue established by Open Books. Since the ‘Open Books’ show at the Sanshang Contemporary Art Museum in Hangzhou, China in 2013, the idea has been in the air that several artists in the fluid ‘Open Books’group might create a drawing show together – this is the result.


‘Paper Exchange’ exhibition presents the challenge: what happens if normal working materials are exchanged? At first the idea was that Welsh artists could be sent rice papers, Chinese artists could be sent watercolour papers. But as  the idea developed in conversation with our Chinese friends, we realised that Western materials were already freely available in China and a more appropriate ‘challenge’ would be to send old maps, posters and book pageswith a distinctly European patination to their artists. In the West there is a long tradition of drawing with the cut out / collage / papier colléand the ready made, and although obviously our Chinese colleagues might occasionally work like this, it is not a usual starting point in the studio. The material becomes something to investigate, tear, re-assemble, the usual rules are redundant.